3D Hologram Displays

3D hologram displays are meant to provide a breathtaking 3D visual experience to display content in 3D. It’s a disruptive solution to get the attention of others because of its mesmerizing visual impact. In a world where competition is tight, the saying that the first impression is always the best impression is of vital importance that increases the probability of higher sales and maximized returns. These advanced devices offer the highest quality in 3D holographic visuals that’s appealing for anyone. They can be set up within minutes. Kreativetec will be able to setup and install 3D hologram displays in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE.


To captivate audiences who require immersive experiences with 3D holographic display, HYPERVSN Devices offers their single-unit solution or several of these in a single location called the HYPERVSN Solo Classic. Users will be able to connect to the HYPERVSN device with the help of mobile application. This application aids in effortless uploads and management of the content used in the devices.

For customers who manage multiple devices on different locations, the Solo Cloud package from HYPERVSN is fine-tuned to allow users to control their HYPERVSN network of devices from any place in the world. It’s a web-based management solution that lets users log-in remotely and allows to upload and manage 3D content on your HYPERVSN network.

The HYPERVSN Wall is a 3D holographic visual solution that is large in size, thanks to the jaw-dropping projection technology. This solution will help your brand to be the center of attention no matter how busy the situation is.

3D LED Hologram Fan- Economy Range

Our economy range is specific for those who are not able to afford a premium solution but wants a 3D holographic device that can perform well at a lower cost. The solution offers low-power consumption along with portability, attractiveness and performance. It’s one of the best solutions while presenting at exhibitions, major shopping centers, metro stations, hotels, and other important areas. Kreativetec can aid in setting up to install these 3D hologram displays in Dubai and other emirates of UAE.

3D Hologram displays for rental in Dubai and other emirates of UAE

3D hologram displays can bolster the presence of your brand in various exhibitions and events. If you do not prefer to invest for a short-term use and are looking to rent 3D hologram displays, we at Kreativetec can help you in setting up these displays quickly and efficiently in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, and deploy them on product launches, exhibitions, or any promotion-based events.

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