Gravity Lifter

Presenting a product in the most unique way possible is of crucial importance if you want to get the attention of people and this is a vital factor when a new product is launched or for product campaigns. Gone are the days when a product is kept idle. A great way to make an impression is with the help of a gravity lifter. As the name implies, the Gravity Lifter is used best when you want to exhibit in the most attention grabbing and futuristic way that would impress the crowd. The device is easy to be set up anywhere and operated at ease. Kreativetec will be able to setup and install the Gravity Lifter series of devices in Dubai and other cities in the UAE.

Gravity Lifter Micro

The Gravity Lifter Micro features a floating height of 18mm with dimensions that measure 15 x 15 x 3 cm. The plate used in this device is square in shape with 6 x 6cm as the dimensions. The maximum load can weigh up to 180g. The LED lights on the plate are powered inductively.

Gravity Lifter Mini

If you are looking for an alternate option that can handle more weight, then the Gravity Lifter Mini can hold devices up to 580g as opposed to the Micro edition and the floating height is 20-25mm. The dimension of the device is larger by 22 x 22 x 5 cm and the plate is 6 cm. There are a total of eight LEDs that are facing upwards. The Mini version comes in black, white or RAL colors.

Gravity Lifter Ultra

Gravity Lifter Ultra offers a higher floating height of 40-45mm and the maximum load that can be deployed is 580g. The dimensions are also the same at 23 x 23 x 155 cm with 6cm as the plate. Additionally, there is also eight LEDs that are pointed upwards. Users will also be able to opt for a larger plate size, a flight case, a battery pack, acrylic hood and more.

Gravity Lifter devices for rental in Dubai and UAE

Gravity lifters are one of the latest innovations used in different campaigns, promotions or launches to showcase your products. If you are not interested to purchase and would rather rent the device for a particular event, we at Kreativtec can help you rent the product for short-term use and deploy them in exhibitions and new product launches.

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