Amaze your audience with 3D hologram displays from HYPERVSN

November 22, 2018

Have you ever been astonished and amazed by the fascinating devices and holographic displays you witness in sci-fi movies like Star Wars and dreamt of such a real world? Well, your wish has now come true! Touted to be your window to the techno world that alters every day at breakneck speed, 3D holographic displays that push boundaries and provides the extra wow factor to captivate your audiences. A 3D hologram displays products, objects, and animated sequences three-dimensionally and enables seemingly real objects or animations to appear to float completely freely in space. To put things simpler, the world of 3D hologram invites consumers to take a deeper and wider perspective of all things viewable. Thanks to its amazing ability to draw lingering crowds, the hologram displays are highly effective for brands, retailers, advertising and events.



Developed by Kino- mo Ltd, London, HYPERVSN is one of the trusted names when it comes to 3D holograms. For starters, HYPERVSN, in simpler terms, is the all-new integrated 3D Holographic Display System solution which will help you make a mark in taking the standard of your events, exhibitions and in-store displays a notch higher. The most exciting part of the HYPERVSN is that it gives the feeling of your content floating in mid-air, like a hologram. This unique HYPERVSN 3D Display Technology is highly effective and suitable for product launches, exhibitions and conference events.  A true cutting-edge solution that creates, manages and displays 3D video content with holographic effect, HYPERVSN combines a smart management platform, projection unit and a hi-tech hardware device that promises impactful 3D visuals. HYPERVSN allows 3D videos to appear floating in the air and are being perceived by viewers as hi-resolution holograms. Made of individual projection units and HYPERVSN software, the new hologram display technology can be connected wirelessly and managed remotely from one location. Combining unique projection levels and a progressive content management platform, the HYPERVSN system is simple to use and highly effective.


Key features of HYPERVSN


High impact
High-definition 3D visuals with a holographic effect created by HYPERVSN makes an instant impression and allure the target audience in no time.


Lightweight and energy-efficient
HYPERVSN devices are lightweight, energy-friendly and easy to maintain as they can be connected wirelessly and managed remotely from one location.


Unleash your creativity
HYPERVSN web-based platform supports the most common video formats and enables users to transform existing 2D content into 3D content forms.


HYPERVSN supports a multiple device built-out network to guarantee that you reach the needed impact in the required number of locations.


Kreativetec is well-equipped with resources and personnel to supply, install and manage HYPERVSN immersive content for your brand that helps you meet your target audience using technology in its best possible way. If you are looking for 3D hologram Displays in Dubai, Kreativetec is here to help you. With the resources that will help us do all the HYPERVSN installations in Dubai and other GCC countries, we feel extremely proud to bring unique 3D hologram technology of HYPERVSN in the local markets. We are highly confident of our competencies that will help us deliver the HYPERVSN solutions to the clients at the highest professional level. We bring the game-changing outlook of HYPERVSN to your table by becoming the most preferred HYPERVSN installation company in UAE that will enrich your vision of technology higher and brighter, thereby delivering a stunning experience for your audience.