Interactive Digital Wayfinding Kiosks

INTERACT is one of the industry-leading brands that offer the best interactive wayfinding kiosks in the market. INTERACT wayfinding digital kiosks can help your customers to access important information and easily find the desired destinations in a large area. These kiosks can showcase directions with the use of 2D and 3D maps which will help your visitors to navigate better. Our Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks in Dubai can serve as a platform for our customers to place their ads or promotional content when the unit is in any popular area. Thanks to its high-resolution display, these kiosks will be capable of playing back Full HD or 4K resolution videos and customers will be able to use a simple USB drive for plug and play capability. The IPS display on the wayfinding kiosk is designed to provide great image quality and wide viewing angles. Your customers will be able to interact more with the 10-point multi touchscreen capability.

Product features at a glance:

Interactive Touchscreen: A 10-point multi-touchscreen display lets visitors to use both their hands to interact with the kiosk for an intuitive experience.
Spill Resistance: These kiosks can resist accidental water splashes that can happen by visitors or from any unexpected situations thus avoiding the chances of an electrical shock.
Reversed connections: Depending on the need, users will be able to choose between different reverse connectors based on their choice from the kiosk.
Security lock: Protect your kiosk form unauthorized access by locking the connectors with a special key that comes included. This will help to protect the kiosk from unauthorized access and avoids rogue users from tampering with the unit or the content being played.
Easy Plug-in for Interactive Applications: Other than the wayfinding solution, users will be able to customize and use the kiosks for other plug-in applications related to lucky draws, winning and other promotional content.

Here are some examples where our clients will be able to use these advanced digital wayfinding kiosks:

  • Digital Wayfinding Kiosks can be used at schools, college campusesor the universities in the UAE to find the directions to specific teacher’s room, classrooms, supervisors, sports complex or even the managing department.
  • Our Wayfinding Kiosk solutions can be installed in shopping malls in Dubai to showcase 2D/3D maps that makes it easy for visitors to find the right shop or outlet based on different categories such as restaurants, cafés, clothing and fashion outlets, raffle coupon counters and more.
  • Wayfinding Kiosks can help to guide travelers in airports for the right gate area, or different shops at the duty-free section.
  • Wayfinding Kiosks can also be placed outdoor in large tourist areas to guide visitors without getting lost.
  • Large hospitals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi also can also benefit from the best interactive wayfinding kiosk solutions.

We at Kreativetec will be able to properly analyze the manner of business and help to provide a signage software solution that suits your interest along with manufacture and install customized interactive wayfinder kiosk in the UAE. We provide the best interactive digital wayfinding kiosks of different shapes and sizes that come with a well-designed construction that’s stylish to get the attention of visitor and a sturdy frame for a long-lasting lifespan. Our team will be able to manage and support the wayfinding installations placed in your business premises. Contact us to receive a quote for the best interactive digital wayfinding kiosks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of the UAE.

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