Automatic-hand Sanitizer Dispensing Digital Display Kiosk

Our Automatic-hand sanitizer Dispensing Digital Display Kiosk encourages visitors of any organization to use the hand sanitizers while viewing instructive or promotional content on the screen. People can safely interact with the touchscreen kiosks without worrying about different diseases which are transferred by touching surfaces. We understand the need for a hygienic solution while showing informative, promotional and interactive content.

Our Automatic hand sanitizer Dispensing Digital Display Kiosk can help to increase engagement between businesses and customers while also motivating users to use the automatic hand sanitizer dispensers. The new line of sleek freestanding and wall-mountable kiosks comes with an auto-dispensing hand sanitizer system to cleanse our hands at ease.

The key feature in the hand sanitizer machine is a sensor that detects hand movements and thereby dispensing the right amount of hand sanitizing liquid. The auto-hand sanitizer dispensing digital display kiosk can benefit any form of business in the UAE such as clinics and hospital. Patients can watch the promo videos as well as keep their hands clean by using the auto hand sanitizer dispensers. Schools, colleges and universities can use the digital kiosk with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in management offices, reception areas, waiting rooms, near classrooms, labs and other public areas.

Our multi-purpose digital kiosks can also be used in banks and other financial institutions where visitors can view promotional content and also cleanse their hands. The digital display kiosks with automatic hand sanitizers dispenser can also be used in shopping malls, retail stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, corporate offices and showrooms. We provide the best digital sanitizer dispensing machines with an internal hand sanitizing dispenser in the UAE, other GCC countries and Africa.

Features of digital kiosk
with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser
Auto dispensing function

Since there is an integrated sensor,
users will not need to touch the device for
the sanitizer to work. The sanitizer will dispense
the liquid automatically when it detects
the presence of a hand.

Refilling of sanitizer

The sanitizer container of the digital kiosk features
a capacity of 1000ml/2000 ml, and is easily
accessible from the front part of the kiosk.

Installation types

The digital kiosk with automatic hand
sanitizing dispenser can be mounted on the
wall or as a floor-standing configuration
as per the client’s needs.

Cloud based CMS upgrade

With a network-based CMS, users will be
able to control the media player of the digital
kiosk from anywhere at any time. Users can
upload HD content easily and schedule the
playback list for the kiosk.

Plug and play

Users will be able to simply copy images
and videos onto a USB drive, insert the drive into
the port of the kiosk, wait for the content to be
copied to the internal memory and remove
the drive.

Touchscreen and
non-touchscreen options

The digital kiosk with automatic hand
sanitizer dispenser comes in both touchscreen
and non-touchscreen panel options with
Full HD resolution.

Water-resistant touchscreen

The touchscreen of the digital kiosk can
easily detect and register touches even when
the user’s hands are wet.

Different screen sizes

The digital kiosk is offered in 15-inch
and 21.5-inch screen sizes. The display can play Full
HD content with crisp and sharp details.

Great viewing angles and
low response time

The automatic hand sanitizing dispenser
digital kiosk comes with a pro-cap touchscreen
panel with a low response time of just 6ms.

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