Digital Menu Boards

Showcasing attractive visuals and graphics of what your restaurant menu can offer to your customers is an important factor to trigger their appetite. We at Kreativetec offer the best high-quality and high-performance digital menu boards that let you reveal your menu in high-detail along with the latest offers, discounts, new dishes and “food of the day” specials of your restaurant or fast-food outlet in high-resolution images and videos. High resolution graphics displaying the freshness and crispiness of the food available is far better than simply looking at a static menu. Digital menu boards are therefore the key to increasing sales since these displays are the first thing that one sees in your restaurant or outlet.

  • Our digital menu boards feature a sleek design with slim bezels.
  • We offer displays in wide ranges of sizes to replace traditional signs and graphic posters.
  • A customizable and user-friendly digital signage software solution will be deployed to meet your advertising needs cost-effectively.
  • Interactive menu boards and digital ordering systems to enhance the customers’ requirements.
  • We also offer freestanding and table-top digital menu boards.
  • Attract customers easily by displaying multiple videos and animations simultaneously based on your menu.
  • Our displays are easy to maintain remotely and saves lots of time when you're changing your menu content.
  • It’s a great one-time investment that will meet your long-term business requirements.

Our digital menu boards are built in a sleek construction that will blend well with the modern-looking setup of your restaurant. Its slim bezels allow your customers to view high-definition video content at its fullest screen estate, therefore letting you add more information for each image or video frame. It’s the perfect way to get the attention of your customers. We have digital menu boards that can be used for both indoor and outdoor usage. Your advertising content to promote your offers and menu can be effectively showcased on these displays without any complications. In simple terms, Kreativetec offers the best digital menu boards in Dubai and UAE.

Using digital menu display boards to communicate with your customers is undoubtfully effective and managing these devices is easier than handling static images that require you to print new content and installing them. Save time by deploying content for your menu on a digital menu display board which is faster and easier than using the traditional posters. With the help of a highly customizable and user-friendly digital signage software solution, you will be able to manage and monitor all your menu display boards and control the content being played on these displays. Simply upload the high-resolution images or animated video and schedule the time to get them playing on your restaurant menu display board. For example, a time-bound offer to play specific video can be set via the CMS platform.

Our experts at Kreativetec provide the best digital menu board software to easily manage your digital menu board displays. Some of the software include Novisign, Broadsign, PADS4 and Magic Info. While these software offer similar functionality, they have special add-on features that can be availed for a premium fee. The digital signage software that we provide is easy to understand with a modern user interface along with tons of customizable options that benefit your content delivery. The digital signage software solution for digital menu boards also offer the options to customize the content uploaded on the digital restaurant menu with special animations. Digital signage software can also be used to customize different menus with built-in templates and add extra options for interactive digital menu boards so your customers will be able to choose different buying options depending on their choices. Contact us for a quote for the best digital menu boards in UAE and other GCC countries.

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