LED Display Screens

Kreativetec has partnered with Huaxia, the world’s leading producer for large-format LED display screens to supply advanced LED signage in the UAE and other GCC markets. We provide high-quality LED display solutions for both indoor and outdoor usage. Our visual LED display signage solutions are best suited to be used in shopping malls, retail shops, hospitals, restaurants, schools, cinemas, airports, subways, supermarkets, advertising on billboards, roadshows, vocal concerts, weddings, award shows, speech sessions, sports match and more in the UAE.

Being a publicly-traded company, all of Huaxia’s products come with CE, EMC, RoHS, ETL, FCC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliance, ensuring that our customers will be choosing the best LED display products in the UAE at the best prices, promising excellent performance and reliability. Huaxia has built the largest LED manufacturing factories in China with a strong 1000-employee workforce to keep up with the demand of the global market.

Features of our LED displays

High brightness and resolution - Huaxia’s LED displays are designed to be visible in the bright sunlight of UAE and other GCC countries. The brightness goes over 6000 nits depending on the model. These displays are also capable of showcasing both HD and UHD 4K videos and content for the best resolution at big screen sizes.
Solid colors and high contrast ratio - Huaxia’s LED display screens are capable of producing amazing and accurate colors for both indoor and outdoor usage, along with high contrast ratio for the best color uniformity. This is crucial for businesses that want to promote their products with high-quality content.
High Refresh Rate - The requirement of high refresh rates for LED displays are crucial and Huaxia’s LED display solutions can easily handle high-speed content that stops motion blur from happening. The refresh rates can go over 3500 Hz.
Low power consumption - Our LED Displays are designed to be power-efficient while being able to display content at bright colors and resolution. It even helps to reduce the consumption of electricity since these displays are designed to work 24 hours and 365 days.
No need for extra cooling - Huaxia’s LED display screens are designed to work well in extreme weather conditions such as the scorching summer heat of Dubai and other cities in the UAE and GCC countries without implementing any extra cooling solutions.
Easy assembling and disassembling - Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, our LED displays can be easily assembled to be set up in a short amount of time or dismantle without much of a fuss or complication when it’s time to wind up or shift to a different location. They are lightweight and easily transferable from one place to another.

Indoor LED Displays

Indoor Ultra HD LED Display

Our high-resolution indoor LED displays are capable of playing UHD 4K video visuals and are best suited to be used in important places such as conference rooms of companies, popular TV Stations for live broadcasting of news or topic debates, retail shops, movie theatres, airports, exhibitions of different categories and more. Huaxia’s indoor LED screens are capable of producing super high-definition image quality and high contrast for the best image clarity along with a fast refresh rate for high-speed HD videos. The contrast ratio can go as high as 8000:1. The refresh rate is a staggering 3840 Hz. While these LED displays can be curved in design depending on the application, we also offer flat-screen LED displays that come with similar features. The contrast ratio for these indoor LED advertising screens come up to 6000:1 and the brightness is up to 1200 nits. The LED UHD displays also come with IP68 and IP54 certification for water resistance. Contact Kreativetec for a good quote for the best Ultra HD LED displays in the UAE.

Indoor HD LED display

If UHD resolutions are not of your preference, then we at Kreativetec also offer indoor LED displays that feature standard HD resolutions. These LED displays can be used on TV stations for live news reports and preview of content, retail stores of different categories, conference rooms in offices, digital class rooms in universities, hotels for showcasing latest offers, showcasing content on the background of stages and more. These displays come with wide viewing angles and users will be able to view content at close viewing distances. These LED displays are fully calibrated for the best of colors to produce crystal clear and detailed images and video content. The brightness of the display goes up to 1200 nits so the content is visible enough for most situations and features a contrast ratio of 6000:1. Users will be able to integrate these devices with a range of other video output products. The indoor LED display features a high refresh rate of 3800 MHz. These displays also come with IP68 and IP54 water resistance. Get in touch with us to get a quote of the best indoor HD LED displays in UAE.

Interactive LED Displays

Our interactive series of LED displays are primarily focused on high-end retail markets, corporate and government projects and are made of polymer nanocomposites for high durability with lightweight characteristics. These durable interactive floor displays can be magnetically installed and can be easily assembled or disassembled. With the M series displays, users will be able to use the method of splicing to set up displays and create letters or different shapes and sizes according to the need. These interactive floor LED displays can be mounted on a ceiling or walls at different shapes and patterns. With the King Kong series, these displays are more durable and feature anti-corrosion, waterproof and dust-proof characteristics. These LED displays are best suited to be used on floors of retail shops or digital playgrounds for children or other events like a digital dance floor and come with different screen resolutions. Get in touch with Kreativetec for a good quote for the best LED interactive floor screen displays in the UAE.

Indoor Digital LED Digital Posters

Huaxia’s LED digital posters are best suited for promotions at retail stores for better sales turnovers. Thanks to their portable and stylish design, these LED displays are eye-catching and get the attention of visitors. These smart LED posters come with a digital media player which can be used for promoting offers and also be used for showcasing welcoming videos for visitors. These displays can also work as a visual and virtual catalog for different accessories and products offered by the brand. This is useful in fashion-based retail stores and showrooms of clothing brands. LED digital poster displays have a brightness of 1200 nits and a high refresh rate of 1920 Mhz. The smart LED poster displays are better suited to be hanged in walls of retail stores, wall-mounted bracket standing and other creative design installations on shopping malls. To get a quote of the best digital LED posters in Dubai, do not hesitate to contact us.

Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor advertising LED displays

Outdoor advertising LED displays are the perfect devices to be used as digital billboards in highways and near flyovers. They are waterproof and offer high brightness with high definition image quality. They are ultraviolet proof and feature corrosion resistance. The digital LED billboards can be seen used in top of large buildings for promotional purposes as an out-of-home digital advertising campaign. It features high brightness so the content is clearly visible in broad daylight and also features IP65 water resistance certification, ultra-violet proof and can handle high temperatures during summer. This ensures the outdoor advertising screens are durable and long-lasting in all sorts of extreme weather. Both the LED displays are reliable to work for 24 hours and 365 days without issues. The outdoor LED displays feature low power consumption for energy saving for all situations. The brightness of these displays can reach over 6500 nits and the contrast ratio is rated at 6000:1. For a good quote of the best outdoor LED displays in the UAE, please reach out to us for good offers.

Architectural LED and Outdoor LED mesh displays

We at Kreativetec offer architectural and free form LED displays that can change the look of a building façade into an important means of digital communication. These LEDs can be mounted on large structures such as buildings thanks to its free form structure. Architectural LED displays have a max brightness of 7500 nits, are waterproof and can endure high temperatures to resist corrosion. These custom LED displays are reliable and can work 24 hours, 365 days in any weather. Architectural LED displays are easy to install and doesn’t require any form of complicated steel constructions.

Outdoor LED mesh is the next generation technology in outdoor LED display. Using LED mesh screen one can transform a building façade into a great means of communication medium without taking away the architectural design of the building. Outdoor LED mesh displays have a brightness of 4500 to 6500 nits, making the content visible on even the brightest days. They are safe and can resist fire, earthquake and sandstorm. The custom LED screens are water-resistant with IP68 and IP65 certification. There is no cooling required for these devices during summer and they don’t need much maintenance. LED outdoor displays are easy to install and don’t require any form of steel construction for firm installations. Get a quote for the best architectural LED and outdoor LED mesh displays in the UAE.

Renting Outdoor LED Displays

Purchasing Large LED displays used for outdoor events that happen once or twice a year can be very expensive. In such situations, users may prefer to rent these displays at a lower cost rather than buying an unit. These outdoor LED displays are large and are capable of producing crystal clear image quality and brightness. The outdoor LED screen rentals are easily manageable and can be assembled or disassembled easily without any fuss. The outdoor LED displays we provide are a part of Huaxia’s 3rd generation magic cube series that feature a pixel pitch of 3.91mm, 4.81mm, 5.95mm and 6.25mm for outdoor usage. The cabinet size of the equipment is 500 x 500mm. We at Kreativetec will be able to provide the best outdoor LED displays for rent in the UAE.

LED Fence Displays at Stadiums

LED fence displays are primarily used at sports stadiums and are designed to have large viewing distances to showcase high definition images at good quality and are reliable. LED Fence displays have durable characteristics and have a long lifespan between 5 to 10 years. They also feature anti-impact surfaces to resist shocks from sports balls and to protect athletes when they fall onto it during the sports action sequence. Our fence displays comply with UL, CE, RoHS standards. Maintenance for these units are easy, especially the front and rear panels. The LED fence screens are lightweight (about 25kg) and can be easily assembled and installed or dismantled and transported when needed. The brightness of LED fence displays is rated to be up to 6500 nits and the refresh rate of these screens can go up to 1920 Hz. Kreativetec will be able to provide the best LED fence displays in the UAE for sports stadiums for the best price in the market.

Transparent LED displays

Transparent LED displays are the ideal choice for retailers who want to advertise their products without hiding their store’s interior view. Transparent LED screens work in a way that lets visitors see the visual content and effects that are shown on the glass screen and at the same time being able to see the real background view behind the glass. Our transparent LED displays are based on Huaxia’s patent exclusive high-profile design that delivers a neat and clear transparent viewing experience for the user, thanks to the non-visible cable and framework management. Almost 90% of its wiring and other materials are hidden. The transparent LED displays can be easily assembled and disassembled and can be easily maintained. They can be customized into different shapes and sizes and users will be able to choose different transparent LED screens with pixel pitches ranging from 3.91mm, 7.8mm, 10.4mm, 16mm and up to 20mm as options. It is a very good solution that is beneficial for retail stores and shopping malls to showcase promotional and branding campaigns more effectively. We at Kreativetec will be able to offer the best high-quality transparent LED displays in the UAE so do contact us for the best quote.

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