Interactive Digital Kiosks And Advertising Digital Signage Kiosks

INTERACT is one of the leading brands that offer the best interactive touch kiosks and screens that are designed and developed by our team of highly-skilled technological experts and designers. All INTERACT products are developed with the most optimum technological standards, that ensure the best performance and long-term reliability. INTERACT digital kiosk machines and screens are designed in Singapore and manufactured in the most advanced factories located in Shenzhen.

These kiosks will suit most retail and business establishments and attract your customers. Built with slim bezels, the interactive digital kiosks not only look stylish but also showcase interactive applications and video content at the highest video resolutions. While the integrated video players are capable of handling both Full HD and 4K resolutions, the inclusion of an IPS panel that offers great viewing angles is a bonus. These kiosks also support basic plug and play solutions that copy and play back the desired video content. Securing the kiosk is as simple as using a unique key to prevent unauthorized access.

The kiosks are easily manageable with the help of an external CMS while they are connected to a local Wi-Fi or RJ45 port. You will be able to change the content being played from anywhere remotely without the need to be on the site. The inclusion of multi-touchscreens means that your customers will be able to interact with the kiosks to acquire detailed information in the most intuitive way.

Here are some fair examples of the usage of these kiosks.

  • Our users from the hotel industry can use the interactive digital kiosks on their premises to showcase their services and promotional offers for visitors.
  • Placing the interactive digital kiosks in shopping malls allows users to play promotional videos of the latest offers.
  • Restaurants will benefit from showcasing an interactive digital menu which can also highlight the specials of the day.
  • Usage of interactive touchscreen kiosks in hospitals and clinics can help to showcase doctor profiles and plenty of seasonal precautionary tips for a healthy life while patients await their turn.

Whether it’s to promote your latest hot-selling products and services, advertising video content, helping to place orders in food outlets or even navigating users to their desired destinations, digital interactive kiosk machines are the best and the most intuitive way to interact with your customers without the presence of a salesperson.

Product features at a glance:

Interactive Touchscreen: With the inclusion of a 10-point point touchscreen display, users will be able to use both their hands for an interactive touchscreen experience. This allows customers to implement a user-friendly software to promote their services.
Spill Resistant: Our Interactive digital kiosks are capable of resisting accidental water splashes that can happen for unforeseen reasons. This ensures the protection for its security as well as avoiding the risk of an electrical short circuit.
Tampered Glass: With the inclusion of tempered glass, the kiosk will be protected from accidental bumps or damages, ensuring the safety of the signage hardware. The tempered glass doesn’t affect the quality, viewing angles and touchscreen effectiveness of the display.
Integrated Wheels: Easily shift the kiosk from one place to another with the help of the integrated wheels and when the kiosk is stationed on the desired position, then the wheels can be retracted.
Security lock: To thwart the risk of unauthorized access, all the connectors of the digital kiosk can be locked using a special key. This protects the kiosks from other unrecognized users to tamper with the internal components or programming of the signage.

Main Features detailed

  • IPS display technology: A display panel solution that’s found in premium televisions, smartphones, and laptops, IPS panels are known to provide excellent viewing angles and superior image quality so that users will be able to view the graphic-rich content at any angle with solid colors. Our Interactive Digital Kiosks kiosks provide 178-degrees of viewing angles in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Tempered Glass Protection: For better longevity and to protect these digital signage devices, our digital Kiosks are protected with tempered glasses to avoid scratches and accidental breakage.
  • Multiple Touch Point Upgrade: In order to make the screen be more interactive for your customers, you can also the kiosk with a 10-point Pro-cap touchscreen so users will be able to engage with the content in a better way.
  • Plug and Play: For the easiest way to manage these devices, all you would need to do is to copy the images and videos you wish to advertise into a USB stick, plug it in the Kiosk’s ports and allow the content to be copied over the memory of the Kiosks and you are good to go. The Interactive Digital Kiosk will now play the copied content in a continuous loop.
  • Easy Cloud-based CMS Management: Our clients will have the convenience to manage the kiosks with the help of an advanced and easy to use network CMS so that the player can be managed and modified at any time from any place without being in front of the display.
  • Large tablet-styled Display: With the large size of the display along with the edge-to-edge design and the striking look of the aluminum frame, our Interactive Kiosks are eye-catching for anyone who comes across and will wish to interact with the device.
  • Commercial Grade Construction and easy movement: Our range of digital advertising signage kiosks in Dubai is designed to run at 24/7 capacity without reduction of lifespan. To avoid tampering and hacks by unknown sources, all the ports and connectors can be locked from unauthorized access. The kiosks also come with integrated wheels that allow clients to easily move around the device. These wheels can also be retracted when the kiosk is in the desired position.

The best interactive digital kiosks at your convenience

At Kreativetec Display Solutions, we offer the best interactive kiosks solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that should be able to suit the requirements of your business. Our primary advertising digital kiosk comes in the form of a freestanding display that’s ideal for showcasing rich content and in different screen sizes. Our clients will be able to choose between a 43-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch screen models that offer 1920 x 1080 as the screen resolution for absolute clarity and 350 nits of display brightness. This freestanding form is the ideal choice for customers to interact with the integrated software that gives the feeling that you are operating a large smartphone. Interactive freestanding digital kiosk are being popular for retail advertising in the UAE and we strive to offer the best services and products in that category.

The second digital signage that we offer is a digital table-top like solution for users who wants their customers to interact and engage with the device as if they are handling a large tablet that’s placed on a desk. These kiosks also come with an IPS display for great viewing angles and a 10-point touchscreen for multi-touch capability. We can offer these table-top kiosks in 43-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch display screens.

We at Kreativetec understand the need of our clients to attract their customers in the most intuitive way without the need of a person. We will be able to suggest the best digital interactive signage kiosk solutions in UAE based on the manner of your business. We also manufacture customized kiosk solutions that suit your retail stores or premises. Contact us for a quote for the best interactive digital kiosk in UAE.

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