Smart Retail Shelves

Attract, engage and communicate with your customers with our Smart Retail Shelf, an ultra-wide display that can be used to easily attract audiences when they come across the product shelf with eye-catching videos and graphics. Smart shelves for retail are an easy and efficient way to create brand awareness of the product that helps the users to understand more about the product at their leisure. It is a very effective and innovative smart retail solution that can help to improve sales and the content displayed can be easily managed via online access or with expandable media storage.

The shelf-focused display used here is called the Ultra-Wide Stretched Bar LCD Screen. Even when the form-factor is panoramic, the animated content is shown in Full HD resolution (1920 x 158 with 3:1 aspect ratio) and thereby letting users see images on the smart shelves for supermarkets and other outlets in absolute sharpness and clarity. The 500 nits of elevated brightness help to enhance the color reproduction and better visibility with a good viewing angle of 178 degrees. The displays can be set in landscape or portrait mode depending on your shelf requirements.

Ultra-Wide Stretched Bar LCDs come in a variety of screen sizes such as a 19-inch screen, a 23-inch display, a 24-inch, and bigger sizes such as 28, 37-inch and also a large 43-inch screen size.

For greater flexibility, the display is capable of continuously playing content for 24 hours and 7 days with an auto-loop feature for pictures and videos read from a USB drive or an SD card. There is also an online Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to remotely publish customized content and even control the volume, set timers via a PC or the smartphone application. We at Kreativetec can provide ready smart shelf solutions in the UAE. We can deliver and install Smart Shelf with Ultra-Wide Stretched Bar LCDs in the UAE and also help to manage and customize the video content based on the customer's requirements.

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