The best digital signage software solutions to boost your businesses in the UAE

August 2, 2019

While digital signage is of great importance for most business to promote and engage with their customers, different businesses in the UAE will need a good digital signage software solution so that they can handle their entire signage network from anywhere at any time. This even involves the ease of use, remote functionality, content creation, schedulers, pricing and other specific features that suit the user’s requirements. Here are some of the best and most common digital signage software’sand media players used in the industry. Some of the examples mentioned are the best digital media player solutions used by businesses in Dubai.


Scala Digital Signage
Scala is one of the leading digital signage used by leading organizations and is designed to deliver experiences with easy connectivity and management of digital signage systems and kiosks and internet-connected devices for both the public and private sectors. The software is adaptable to the customers’ needs and can reach all the goals to provide their digital signage management with advanced signage hardware and software. Scala is also protected from external threats and other vulnerabilities to protect the content being played on signage systems. Scala is also capable of letting businesses to create a “Digital Signage City” by connecting their digital devices and making full use of their functionalities for engaging displays. In the event of a network failure where the user can lose full control of the content being played in the signage, Scala is designed to showcase certain images and videos as a backup content. Scala is also customizable to show real-time updates of news, latest weather, traffic status, trending social media content and more on these kiosks. Scala also supports other features such as content scheduler and organizer, digital signage templates, social media integration and third-party content, an event logger, video playback for stored data and more. The content manager is easy to use and can be used from anywhere. The Scala player is can play for 24 hours and 7 days a week.


Broadsign is one of the best digital signage software used by companies in the UAE. Broadsign is a good recommendation for digital media users, digital agencies, publishers and brands that deals with buying and selling of digital campaigns and other customized content. Broadsign is considered as an industry preference and is used at international airports, shopping malls, clinics and even large cinemas. With the help of the integrated DOOH solution, users can create different customized digital signage content and reach out to more buyers in the industry. Broadsign also provides users the means to manage their digital signage and campaigns from their smartphones. One of their solutions called the BroadSign Serv SSP lets users reach out to programmatic buyers and these buyers are from media agencies, advertisers, and marketers who purchase ad-based inventory and then customizes the ad content for their customers. Additionally, there is another DOOH solution that lets users manage digital signage networks called the BroadSign Core. The primary use is to automatically handle digital signage playback. You will be able to use BroadSign for a 60-day free trial before purchasing.


Maptmedia is another great cloud-based content management software to handle your digital signage devices from any part of the globe. Just like the other digital signage software’s, users will be able to use the Maptmedia with content scheduling, access media library, support for muti-screens and remote display management. Users will be able to go for the free version of the software that comes with online data storage and to handle a single digital screen. Users will be able to add more storage and customize multi-screen management as required at no extra fees for the free version of the software. Users can try out this free CMS with no limits.


Navori QL Professional
Most of the leading digital signage solutions providers support you with Navori digital signage software and media players in UAE. If you’re looking for a professional solution, then try the QL Professional from Navori. It is considered as one of the best digital signage software solutions available. It features a multi-user web content platform that lets users schedule playlists, setting different playback options, real-time monitoring and reporting of content. The QL Professional can be installed in a Windows PC or Android-powered players with native playback support for images, live TV, video streaming, Google Calendar and more. The media player includes support on cloud, SaaS and web-based deployment. Users can predefine permissions to upload contents from other contributors. Navori QL also features an analytical toolset on its content manager to monitor and analyze the content played and The Navori media player can do rendering up to 8K. For those who doesn’t have access to PC, users will be able to have real-time control from a smartphone for handling the content being published on the digital signage screens. The Navori QL Player is 100% inter-operable for all sorts of display brands and screen layouts, including mobile devices, large-screen tablets, and SoC displays.


Another leading digital signage software and media player in UAE is the PADS4 that has very good preference and is used by different digital media software solution providers in Dubai. The content being shown can be triggered with predefined circumstances. It’s the perfect digital signage software that features all the tools needed to create, develop, display and even easily manage all the content on all the screen of your network. PADS4 comes in different platforms such as Windows players, HTML5 players, and SoC players (System-on-a-chip). PADS4 solutions are suited for signages used in cooperate communications, smart meeting rooms, passenger information, queue management, digital menu boards, wayfinding, outdoor communication, social media and more.


NoviSign Digital Signage
The cloud-based digital signage software offering from NoviSign is a modern and simple to use software for creating customized content and handling digital signage systems with ease, even for users with limited IT based experience to easily create and manage content. The media-focused web Studio has support for drag-and-drop functionality and easily develop content that suits different establishments such as campuses, restaurants, hospitals, factories, and more. With NoviSign, the usage of the software is so simple, it can be handled by almost anyone in your organization. Since its SaaS based, there is no need to implement servers for the job. The signage software brings support for most file formats such as PNG, JPEG, JPG, MP4, PPT, and other file types. For interactive touch-screen kiosks, creating dynamic content is easy without the need for any coding or HTML5 configuration. Users will be able to manage and schedule content from any computer and make changes with prescheduled settings, expiration dates and recurring playtimes. NoviSign can be deployed on Chrome-based devices such as Chromebit, Chromebox, and Chromebase units, as well as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 powered devices. Android players are also supported.


Here is another free digital signage software solution for you to think about. The ScreenHub is a good example for those looking for an almost fully- featured software as a service (SaaS) for content creation and easy management of all your digital screens. It’s a web-based solution that lets you to easily develop content, control all the content published and also modify the content according to different situations. ScreenHub is designed to go with any type of display, regardless of its size, type and even screen resolution. ScreenHub is easily to deploy where no dedicated servers are needed or any experience developers to set up the unit. The intuitive interface lets users create great content in less time. Content scheduling also allows users to play content for 24 hours and even for an entire year. ScreenHub players are only compatible to run on systems powered by Windows and Linux OS. The free version comes with 1GB of storage and allows 25MB of maximum upload. Users who need more storage and features can go for the pro versions with custom pricings.


Yodeck is another free digital signage software that can be used forever for any company in the UAE without any limit and users will be able to design, manage and schedule content from the web from any computer, a tablet or even your smartphone. For unlimited storage, you can subscribe for a small fee per month for each display. Yodeck also offers with simple plug-and-play players that can be easily deployed along with WiFi or Ethernet cables. The great performance of the hardware comes with an affordable price. Yodeck allows users to use their own hardware like a dedicated Linux PC or a Raspberry Pi device to run the Yodeck player. The player will allow the use of different file types such as videos, images, PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and more. Users can also use youtube links or live streams to publish content. Yodeck is secured with digitally signed files, use of SSL, firewall protection and other enterprise security measures.


With viewneo, you will be able to control your signage content from anywhere with the support for multi-user access. Users will be able to schedule the content to be displayed. The software can be operated from most of the popular platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or any other web-based device and the viewneo is well suited for small, medium and large-scale offices. Users will be able to monitor the status of all deployed content via the network in real-time. With viewneo plug-ins and it’s a simple management system that supports drag and drop capability, users will be able to personalize the content and experience for their customers. The pricing model for this cloud-based service is based on a monthly basis for a mere 66 AEDor users can go for a 30-day free trial instead. Additionally, users will receive automatic software player updates. Users will be able to go for the ViewneoSignageStick 2 digital player which is portable to use and suits professional purposes with 12 months of warranty. The Viewneo 4K SignageBox brings support for 4K videos on high-definition screens and kiosks even if the display is aligned vertically or horizontally. This 4K SignageBox is able to work continuously without any issues and comes with 24 months of warranty.


Four-winds Interactive
Most of the leading digital signage suppliers in UAE can provide Four-winds Interative digital signage software in Dubai. Four Winds Interactive is one of the best digital signage softwares in the industry, supporting many known brands such as Bank of America, Marriott International, Boeing, Microsoft, Oracle and more that depends on the company’s signage solutions. The Four-Winds Interactive cloud-based software platform is considered to be very powerful and flexible for signage usage that allows design, schedule and publish the content made to any screen anywhere. The software also comes with built-in functionality for wayfinding. This single platform can handle multiple digital signage applications and manage across as many digital screens. The FWI software can be operated from a desktop-based manager or a browser-based solution. The support for touchscreen functionality gives users immersive and intuitive experiences more than they expect. You can assign multiple users and departments to contribute and modify the content so that only relevant content is displayed on screens.

By Vinu Varughese
Technology Editor