Wide range of Innovative digital display products

Kreativetec brings you the best digital display solutions tailored to meet your needs. Kreativetec digital signage products help you to deliver dynamic content that engages your customers. Our in- store display solutions and outdoor signage options are the perfect vehicle to deliver impactful messages and products for retail outlets, financial organizations, educational institutions, airports and other businesses across all verticals.

Keep your customers safe from germs in high-traffic business areas with automatic hand sanitiser dispensing digital display kiosks. A sensor activated system dispenses sanitiser to your customer while playing promo videos on the display providing you with an all-in-one business solution. Kreativetec interactive kiosks and screens help in extending your marketing services to its utmost advantage with full HD images and videos advertising your products on digital display screens in busy areas for maximum consumer reach. Classrooms and meetings are made more engaging with smart LED boards which can be used to share data and information among users.

Retail, F&B and healthcare industries can use interactive kiosks and advertising to promote latest products and services. Interactive digital wayfinding kiosks utilise 2D and 3D maps to help people navigate their way in large public space. The display screen can also be used as a platform for ads or promotional content. High-quality LED digital display signage screens for outdoor and indoor display are designed to promote content related to malls, retail outlets, restaurants, hospitals, movie theatres and many other businesses. Our sleek digital menu boards showcase attractive visuals of food and display the menu making them perfect for food courts and fast-food outlets. The interactive boards with digital ordering systems makes the customer experience easier and better.

Create brand awareness and engage your consumers with smart retail shelves that showcase products using highly detailed graphics and videos. Manage your content to attract customers and increase sales.Provide an immersive and breath-taking ad experience for buyers using 3D holograms to advertise your products. The holographic visuals grab attention instantly driving up sales and getting you maximum returns.

Kreativetec digital display products give you the advantage of flexible configuration options with the best service and reliability. Our digital display and signage options provide unmatched performance, longevity and user value across all the products.