Digital Signage Content Production

At Kreativetec, our highly-skilled team of creative designers, animators and developers can bring in ideas to develop the best animated and interactive content which are well-tailored to support your branding requirements and retail product promotions. Whether it’s about creating a promotional video for an outdoor LED display or developing an interactive application for a digital kiosk in a shopping mall, our creative team and developers can deliver the best to meet your requirements. The importance of an interactive experience in the world of marketing is such that unlike any normal video content where users will only able to just see the information, interactive content allows the user to engage in an input-based conversation with the screen to receive outputs in real-time based on their choices. Thus, delivering an interactive experience that helps and impresses the customer with the information they want to know. Since the content being deployed on signage screens is what determines the success, our creative experts will study and analyze the nature of your business and product campaign to suggest and deliver the right kind of animated video content. We also understand that handling and maintaining the digital kiosks and other devices are of vital importance and so our team of experts will be able to take up the task to handle the content management system to ensure a smooth operation and content delivery across all your screens. We can ensure that our content that’s being played on your screens will impress all your customers to help boost the value of your brand and the products.

  • Creative video creation and production
  • Custom interactive content creation
  • Content management system (CMS) handling
  • Easy deployment of content across signages
  • Customized Wayfinder Content

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