Retail Display Solutions & Services

Making use of your retail space in the most effective way undoubtfully makes a big impact on attracting visitors and engaging them to make the purchase. It’s all about maximizing the exposure of the product through the means of different display stands that can be placed inside the store or facing outside the store premises. Kreativetec has the expertise in creating and executing installation of different types of retail displays that can easily boost the number of visitor engagement and sales figures. We create different retail displays in a way that the product is promoted with a uniquely designed retail display for attracting customers and with big and crisp information to help customers with their purchasing decision.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is one of the best practices in the retail industry to help promote the products, services and promotions of different businesses. We at Kreativetec are focused to deliver product displays that will easily attract customers with eye-catching and visually appealing designs to engage for a purchase. The purpose of visual merchandising is to promote different products in the most attractive way possible so your visitors would not miss them out. A colourful and attractive visual merchandising plays a crucial role in attracting customers in making purchasing decisions instantly and boost sales in return.

In-store Display Stands

In-store display stands are one of the best ways to showcase products in a more unique way that will easily get the attention of visitors in a retail store, showrooms and even a supermarket. In-store display stands are an important part when it comes to promoting the best and latest products of a business. They are usually designed in a unique fashion and with attractive colours that stands out in the store to easily get the attention of visitors when they explore the store premises. Kreativetec can offer the best in-store display stands in the UAE with designs created by experts to help promote different products of the brand and make an impact on customer engagement.

When it comes to grabbing the attention of customers that passes by the store, it’s important that retailers need to showcase and promote their products with attractive offers and deals with the help of display windows. Display windows when used effectively can easily attract a large number of curious shoppers provided that the best deals and products are highlighted with decorations and colours and it plays a vital role even on different seasons where shoppers are more indulged in shopping. We at Kreativetec are experts in setting up window displays in different designs and decorations that suit the product. Window displays are suitable for any electronics and fashion retail store, supermarkets and more.

Showcasing a specific item often requires brand retailers to use a raised single platform which can give a unique emphasis on the product that is promoted and this is where display podiums come to use. Multiple display podiums can be set up in different heights from the ground to highlight and differentiate between premium and standard products. Kreativetec has a proven work portfolio of display podiums where their expertise can design creative display podiums to suit the theme of the product as well as the brand.

Brand Personalization

When it comes to making an impact on your customers, it’s imperative for brands to know that only by flaunting different products with a fancy logo and a stand isn’t just enough to always win the attention of the crowd. As personalization is a key factor in creating a solid connection with customers, brands need to promote their products and services in the most personalized way that creates a meaningful impact on the crowd. We at Kreativetec offer to help our clients to increase the brand visibility through various forms of display personalization.

One of the key brand elements in custom visual merchandising is by using the right colours in brand’s specific pantone shades. And just as colours, graphics is the next important brand element that easily attracts users in no time. Graphics lets users easily identify the brand in just a few seconds. We offer brand personalization and design customizations in a way that our clients work closely with us so that the in-store displays and shelves look and feel just like the way the client always wanted. Kreativetec also gives priority in following the important guidelines outlined by the brand for promotions and personalization.

Brand visibility is another important factor while personalizing brand store displays. With the right usage of the brand logo, an attractive slogan, exact shape and size of the fonts, and a message or a content that is crisp and simple will result in enhanced brand recognition. We offer the expertise in designing, fabricating and installing the right store fixtures that goes well and is specific for each brand guidelines. The design of the store displays should be unique in shape for each brand so that it stands out easily among other brands and should be consistent in every installation. This allows customers to easily recognize the brand from anywhere and that brings a big and long-lasting impact that helps to even boost engagement and revenue.

Exhibition Stands

Brands from various industries usually participate exhibitions where they demonstrate the latest products and services in the most unique way so that they can grab the attention of the visitors during the event. Getting the customer’s attention and making sure that they engage to learn more about your business is the most important aspect that needs to be considered while installing an exhibition stand. Since visitors would need to go through hundreds of stands on an exhibition, it has to be taken into account that they will only be able to spend a mere few seconds to check-out each exhibition stand. That’s why the stand needs to look attractive and special which can make an impact once the visitor sees their stalls. It’s the perfect way to promote your offerings and services to the crowd that ensures big returns. Kreativetec offers the expertise in designing exhibition stands in the UAE along with the inclusion of following the brand guidelines to create attractive stands with high-quality graphics for getting the attention of the visitors quickly. Our fabrication, installation methods and the materials we use ensures that visitors get the feel of a modern and yet a traditional stand where they are comfortable to stand and explore the brand’s offerings.

Shop-in-Shop and Retail Fixtures

While there are many concepts with respect to retail businesses, one of the most common methods used is when a large brand gives or rents a certain space inside their store for another brand. The brand that takes up this small space inside a retail store can showcase some of their products with different forms of visual merchandizing. This approach is known as a shop-in-shop experience and is very beneficial because the customers who walk in the main store can experience both the brands on the same premises. It’s important that brands that do shop in shop will have to follow the guidelines provided by the main retail store. These guidelines help to maintain a balance on the exposure the brands when the customers approach the retail store.

Retail fixtures follow the same principle of shop in shop where a brand reserves a space in their store for their sub-brands or another brand that is affiliated to them. It gives retail brands the opportunity to highlight their sub-brands and the products in a unique way within their stores. We at Kreativetec are experts in designing, fabricating and installing shop-in-shop displays and retail fixtures in the UAE. We design the displays and fixtures in accordance with the guidelines and preferences of the brand and ensure the end product is just as they wanted while still being able to make an impact on getting the customer’s attention.